Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Salton Sea

While at the Slabs decided to take a short trip to see the Salton Sea. Reviewing google maps it appeared that Niland County Park, and Marina was a mere 14 miles up the road. I immediately envisioned bikini's, boat's, and beaches. Half an hour later we had arrived! It was not exactly what I visioned. Candy, me, and a bunch of seagulls were the souls in the area. Still a very interesting area though. Heres a few pics..

The Salton Sea, which isn't a sea at all, but California's largest lake, is said to have been formed in 1905 when a flood broke a dyke on the Colorado River, and for 2 years flowed into the Salton Sink. Creating a lake that is 35 miles long, and 15 miles across, this area is also said to be home to Ancient Lake Cahuilla.

In the 1950's the lake was stocked with fish. Modern resorts, and towns sprang up all over. The Salton Sea had become a favorite vacation spot to millions of people, but all that changed by the the 1970's. because the lake has no outflow, besides evaporation leaving behind all the salts and fertilizers, that are picked up in irrigation canals which now flow into the lake. Salinity level's got to be so high, it killed birds, and fish by the millions, the people left, and the towns suffered.

The sea is believed to have vanish and reappear several times over the last few thousand years, it is currently vanishing once again. If it disappears completely death valley will no longer hold the record for being the lowest point in the U.S.

Walking on the shores its not sand, but bones.
The Turtle at the Sea, and Candy laying in the front seat. 
One of the many remaining structures, at this once thriving county park. This one appears to have been the bathrooms?
Bombay Beach one of the small towns still in existence in the area. Overall the trip was very interesting. Wish  I would have done more research before visiting  there's a lot of mysteries in the area. Perhaps on my next visit I will do a lot more exploring. Thanks for visiting!