Monday, September 24, 2012

White Mountains

Having a heat wave near flagstaff in northern Az which is rare for these parts the temperatures began to reach the mid 90's mainly because the monsoon season was running late 90s are far to hot for me and way to hot for Candy. So I called a boondocker who stays up in eastern Arizona around 9700' at which point I was informed it was beautiful up there :) so with a turn the key I was gone 200 miles later I had reached
my destination. Opening the door and stepping out into this beautiful country one song kept entering my head  the theme song for Grizzly Adams:) During the next six weeks I called the white mountains of Az home exploring several lakes and springs, with a temperature which rarely exceeded 65 degrees while the rest of the country being in one of the hottest summer on record I couldn't help but think....... is this Arizona?


9700' next to a fresh water spring!

Some of the neighbors. Honorable mention but no photos Wild Turkeys, Weasel, Badger and possibly a Mexican Grey Wolf.
 Herd of 43 Elk

 4 Deer

 One of these guys poked his head through the back door while watching
netflix. Scared the you know what outta me!

Horny Toad

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  1. Not a bad way to spend a Arizona summer

    1. Did you encounter any park rangers way up there and is the area BLM??

    2. No Forest Rangers see forest service people once in awhile! Its National forest

  2. It looks like you need a bow and a larger freezer :)