Sunday, December 14, 2014

All is well!

Been in Tucson since just before the Thanksgiving. Introducing Ginger to her winter life, which involves cats, fences, and casino parking lots. Happy to report that no cats have been eaten yet, but shes still doesn't understand the furry little creatures that smack her repeatedly in the face. Casino parking lots are a different story goes a lil banana's after being cooped up for a short time, and doesn't have much area to run. So we are in search of some boondocking areas, after the holidays. Ginger got spayed on Tuesday, and is recovering well.

 Roosevelt Lake

Heres a few pics of my stay at Roosevelt lake on my migration to Tucson.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Riff Raff!


 KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Anybody Home? Was the sound I awoke too from my siesta "Yep be there in a minute!" As I peeked my head out the Turtle door noticing a Arizona Ranger with hand placed firmly upon his gun. I asked  "Can I help you?" To which he replied. "There's been some complaints of some Riff Raff living out here in van" Hmmmm I said that's weird I been out here almost a week and haven't seen any? Apparently we didn't share the same sense of humor, because that's the point where he told me to lock up the dog cause he didn't wanna have to shoot it!

Then the interrogation begin. How long yah been here? Where yah going? Where yah coming from? I answered all honestly. "He declared you know its illegal to even drive into a national forest if your living in the vehicle.(Fourth time Fourth forest Ive gotten the speech in)"I said Well I don't live in the forest I live at my residence up near Show Low, and travel often" Then was called a liar, and was told I would just be receiving a warning today. Welcome to your National Forest! Nice to see my tax dollars harassing me. I've moved on, but did enjoy the rest of my 14 days without any hassle. Heres a few more pics of camp.....

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Da Rim

 The Mogollon Rim my humble home for the past 4 weeks. Weather's been dipping into the 20's at night, and day time highs in the mid 40's to low 50's. Time to make the trip 30 minutes west. Ill drop almost 3000ft and gain about 20 degrees. Coming from Minnesota I'm always amazed by what a difference just a few miles can make. Heres a few more pic of camp...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mesa Beaver

Moved off  "The Mesa" a lil less then 2 weeks ago to rim country. Where I shall remain until old man winter chases me into the valley below. This is the same area I was in a few springs ago when we got 17 inches of snow. Although I don't mind the spring time snowstorm I really don't feel like get stranded in a fall one. May take a tad bit longer to melt! Rumor has it they got 14ft up here 5 years ago. Crushing houses, and Ponderosa pines were tipping over due to ground being saturated. Here is a few pics of my time on The Mesa.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

New dishwasher

 Meet Ginger! For 6 months I been waiting for a sign to get another pooch, so a few weeks back while in town I ran across this lil Sh#t head. Pondered it for quite sometime, then the lady told me her birthday March 22nd, which was the same day that Candy had passed :(    Figured that was a good enough sign from the Universe to take her home.

Now my days are filled with GET OVER HERE! NO! and GOOD GIRL! spoken 100s of times daily. Were still working on the rules of her new lifestyle. She seems to be catching on more and more each day, and then forgets by morning :)