Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ice Cave Hike

On a recent visit to the Reservoir. I lay awake listening to some teenagers talking about a magnificent Ice Cave they had discovered out in the forest. Figured the next morning I'd  take a hike out into the woods in search of this great cave. After about a 4 hour hike going cross country was time to throw in the towel, and decided to head back to camp.

Upon returning to camp I did some googling, and it turns out its a very popular hike in the area, which has some how eluded me for many years. Heres a few pic of the hike.....

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Forest Hermit

 The title pretty much sums up my life so far this summer. Found a great spot 9400ft, good internet, weathers been in the upper 60's, and almost no hassles from anyone. So figured why not stay a couple weeks, which turned into more like 7!

 Daily hikes have been about the most exciting part of my stay, and even those have been pretty uneventful for me at least. Ginger stirs up tons of critters. Sure beats a early morning commute! Heres a few more pics.........

Saturday, July 4, 2015


 More like 9500ft, but 10000 just sounds better. Off for a long Independence day hike! Here's a few more pics of my home for the last few weeks......

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Los Burros Trail

Currently up at 9500 feet, but heres a hike I did a few weeks ago while at Los burros campground loop is 14 miles moderate inclines, and there is a shortcut if the whole loop is to long. Cutting the distance down to 9 miles.

 Mere minutes on the trail I ran across a man claiming he had just come across a wolf, then moments later another guy who had just seen a mountain lion chase down a elk. 

Couldn't help but think these two fellers were in cahoots trying to scare a green horn outta the forest. It almost worked, but got to thinking my drive into town is probably 10 times more deadly then a hike in the mountains. In the end I made it! Not without some aching feet. Heres a few more pics

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mountain Lake Lookout hike

Picture from the trail with tower barely visible. Trailhead leaves Los Burros Campground about a 7 mile hike unless your following me turned out to be about 11. Someone had knocked over the sign pointing the way dam vandals. Eventually ran into a group of ATV'ers who put me on the right track. Elevation gains about 550' . Heres a few more pics....