Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bad Blogger

120 gallon Propane tank being delivered kept the container livable over the winter, and vost about $450 for the season.

Im alive and in good health, and should get a F for keeping everyone up to date, so I do apologize.  The truth of the matter is I pretty much hibernated for the winter, and my nest egg got depleted a little bit, so went into survival mode just paying for the basics. 

The good news is winter is well over, and starting tomorrow I have once again become gainfully employed. Well part time at least don't wanna rush back into the work force to fast. So hopefully I can get going on some more long anticipated projects, and keep you all up to date!

 Direct vent furnace. Uses a lot more propane, but doesnt burn the oxygen on the inside of the container which is rather important in a tight space!
 30000 btu furnace
 Lesson learned burned barrels will ignite until the paint is burnt off
 Ginger is good too! She has even found herself a boyfriend down the road who comes up for the occasional visit
Still a rabbit chasing maniac.

So all has been well in the container home kept me warm and dry over the winter, well mostly dry there is a bit of a condensation issue, which is at the top of the list of my projects.

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Good Day! 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Instant hot water

 Long over due update. Things have been a lil slow out on the Mesa. Mostly hiking, and happy hours. Until recently when I realized old man winter was creeping in fast.

Finally got around to installing the tankless hot water heater, which required cutting another 5 inch hole in the roof to vent this thing. 80000 btu puts off a lot of carbon dioxide, and even after all the holes I've cut into the container its still pretty air tight, so Ive been figuring out ways to get some make up air into it.
 Hole cut, and double walled duct installed (B Vent). Not the ducting recommended for the unit due to possible corrosion overtime, but the recommended duct cost 220 smackers for 4 ft section, and this piece cost $14, so even if it needs replaced every few years its worth my time.
Vented out the roof originally planned on venting out the side of the container, but figured out that was not a option after I already had water lines installed. Was lucky enough to have just enough space between the panels. 
Gingy licking her chops after stealing a piece of chicken. I will be updating with more of my winter projects very soon :)

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


 Finally after many months of living outta buckets and gallon jugs. I finally got running water in the home. The maze of hot and cold water lines has been run through the interior walls, which worked out great lot less worry of the pipes freezing this winter. The outdoor spigot will make watering the future garden much easier, the current experiment in gardening hasn't turned out so well :). Too much time building the home and not paying attention to the plants is my excuse for now. Heres a few more pics.....

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Solar on the container home!

All is good on the homestead. Been busy running wires, and constantly thinking, and making changes to the next project. Want everything to be in order before the interior walls go up. Also started growing started a few experiments growing potatoes and onions. Will get to that later.

Installed 3 260 watt panels on the roof which on a good day produce about 50 amps of juice. Heres a few more pics of the rest of the system

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Yup its true! Large steel containers get extremely hot! Even thick insulation has troubles fighting off them temps, so decided to paint the whole container the same elastomeric paint that I painted the roof with.