Sunday, August 17, 2014

Old Buddy's

Not exactly how I wanted to leave New Mexico, but at least I got a free ride back to AZ. Well kinda free Richard the tow truck driver says it would have cost about $500. Thats the 3rd time AAA has saved my butt over the years.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bluewater Canyon Hike

 Hikes like these always make wonder if I could just through on a backpack, and disappear into the pristine wilderness not to return for months on end. Here's a few more pics of the canyon hike......

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bluewater State Park

 View from the bluff

No luck fixing the Turtle as of yet. Only a few days left here at blueweater, so like like he maybe getting a ride out of here. Good thing he broke down here cause its close to my property in AZ, and towing will be covered.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Storrie Lake State Park (Turtle Troubles)

 Campsite at Storrie Lake
Already left Storrie Lake for a rendezvous with my brother whose been on a week like motorcycle. This will cut about 6 hours off his trip and gave me a good excuse to head to Bluewater Lake. Havent been here before cause its always been a bit out of the way.

Unfortunately this may be my last New Mexico park for a bit. The Turtle is still a bit upset me looking at a new home, even after several apologies , and pats on the hood. He basically just quits running every time it rains, and with the monsoons in full effect he hardly runs at all. .

So far I've replaced plugs, and wire. New distributor cap, and rotor, fuel filter, and have a ignition coil on the way. If anyone has any tips or clues help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to Email me, or comment below. Email is over there -------> Back to the Storrie

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Turtle Speaks Out

 On my way to Santa Fe to look at a new larger home for myself. Apparently the Turtle disagreed with my intentions, because he began to spit, sputter, and became nearly in operable. Eventually stopping at Storrie Lake State Park. Called several shops in town for a quote for a tune up.

 The first being All Terrain Transmission, and the first question out of there mouth was "You from outta town?" They ended up quoted me $585 for a basic tune-up, the rest of the shops quoted between $250, and $300, so if your in the Las Vegas NM area I highly recommend NOT using them.

With the help of my camp neighbor Mike, two trips to town, and a hour and half of bullshitting we managed to get a tune up done for $67. Here's a few more pics....