Sunday, July 20, 2014

Turtle Speaks Out

 On my way to Santa Fe to look at a new larger home for myself. Apparently the Turtle disagreed with my intentions, because he began to spit, sputter, and became nearly in operable. Eventually stopping at Storrie Lake State Park. Called several shops in town for a quote for a tune up.

 The first being All Terrain Transmission, and the first question out of there mouth was "You from outta town?" They ended up quoted me $585 for a basic tune-up, the rest of the shops quoted between $250, and $300, so if your in the Las Vegas NM area I highly recommend NOT using them.

With the help of my camp neighbor Mike, two trips to town, and a hour and half of bullshitting we managed to get a tune up done for $67. Here's a few more pics....

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Coyote Creek State Park

Still at Coyote Creek and managed to make it through the 4th. Actually made out like a bandit my camping neighbors left me a whole bunch of goodies steaks hamburgers, deep fried chicken, fresh fish, corn on the cob, and a brand new camping chair. I refused several times, but they insisted. Guess they felt bad for the homeless man in a van :).

Coyote Creeks located at 7700' so the weathers been perfect with a few afternoon showers. The dump station, and campsites across the creek are closed due to flooding. Verizon data signal is all messed up. Over the weekend of the 4th I had only a phone connection, but the rest of the time I had 3g from about 5-6pm until 10 to 11am the next day then nothing again for about 6 hours. Camped with 4 others who had Verizon two couldnt get a signal, and the others were experiencing the same thing I was, so go figure? To many folks on one tower 

Here's a few more pics...

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lake Heron to Coyote Creek

Deer outside the Turtle a few days before leaving Heron Lake

My plans to hike Wheeler peak changed after calling the Taos ski village, and finding out RV parking was only available on the weekends due to construction in the parking lot. So ill try to revisit before the summers end.

Left Heron Lake on Tuesday figuring it would give me ample time to get a Campsite up at Eagles Nest State Park before the 4th of July. Well I figured wrong cause Eagles Nest, and its neighbor Cimmaron Canyon were completely full. Apparently folks in the Land of Enchantment take there camping very serious, so I headed south towards Storrie Lake.

 It was then I stumbled across Coyote Creek State Park, and managed to snag the last site, so it been 4 days of generators, and screaming children . Itll all end tomorrow. Managed to get two good meals from the neighbors, so that was a good!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Time to move on!

Still bouncing around between El Vado, and Heron State Parks. On my 7th week now. Weather been fantastic hardly a day above 80. One could spend a whole summer between the two, but I am ready for some new experiences, so waiting on some mail to arrive early next week, then its off to higher elevations. 

The picture above is courtesy of Taos ski valley. Snows almost gone, so plans are to spend a few weeks hiking some of the states highest peaks. Heres a few more Osprey pics I took on my local hikes....

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rio Chama Trail

 The Rio Chama Trail is a 5.5 mile one way trail connecting Heron State Park to El Vado State Park. The two parks Ive been bouncing  between now for a little over 6 weeks, so its just about time to move on. The trail spans from grasslands on the El Vado side to the ponderosa pines on the Heron side. Heres a few more pics.....