Saturday, April 19, 2014

Elephant Butte State Park (Photo Intensive)

Bikini's, beer, burgers, boats,and beaches. Elephant Butte has them all! I enjoyed it so much I even considered buying that tiki hut houseboat pictured above, but then the beers wore off, and I figured the Turtle would remain my home.

 Maybe one day though if I ever decide to quit the nomadic life I could be beach bum. I did make several phone calls to local marinas, and talked to a few rangers about the legalities of living on a houseboat on the lake. All they could say was you cant do that! Never really got a clear answer on what the exact rules were from any of them. However you can rent a slip, or a mooring. You wouldn't have to worry about being  hassled. Its all about the Benjamin's. Cheapest I found was $175 a month for a mooring not to bad for life on a lake, or those searching for a alternative lifestyle.

Elephant Butte is the largest lake, and state park in New Mexico. The lake is 36000 acres, 40 miles long, and July 4th can gather a whopping 100000 people. Here a a lot more pics :) Had a few internet issue last week so this is 2 posts in one. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014


I've already headed north to my next destination, but haven't got to do much exploring yet, so figured Id share a few more pics of Caballo State Park.

 Hiking Trails
 For you adventurous sorts with high clearance vehicles there is some excellent camping. Quiet, trees, and right on the beach at there very north end of the park. I actually didn't find it until my last couple of  days. 
 Blooming Cacti
 Bright blue bug?
 Been seeing this awkward trail much more on my daily hikes. Figured I would stumble across its creator sooner, or later.

Then there he, or she was. Not sure which? But wasn't gonna investigate any further, so I tipped my hat, and we parted ways. Good Day!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Caballo Lake

Home for 2 weeks parked on the lake

 Three weeks in New Mexico, and so far so good! The people at the parks seem incredibly laid back. Haven't been hassled, or told the rules and regulation only  been told to enjoy my stay. Just show your pass at the gate, and away you go with no additional paperwork. Having garbage cans, and hot showers is a well added bonus. Not bad for $18.75 a month. Here's a few pics......

Saturday, March 22, 2014

R.I.P. Candy

Sorry to report that Candy passed today, after a good 15 year run, the tumor we had been fighting for the last 7 years begin to incapacitate her leg, and another operation was no longer option. Love ya Baby Girl... 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Silver City, and a Parker Lump?

My plans were to spend the day exploring Silver City. After all it is where the legendary Billy the Kid was raised, and the grave site of his mother, along with plenty of other historic facts. Well my day of exploration all came to a sudden halt when I picked up my mail.

Three whole envelopes, a $3 rebate check, a letter from the Apache County Assessors office valuing my acreage at $862 for tax purposes, which is a great deal taxes should be under $10 again, and a envelope called the Parker Lump.

Interesting indeed! A buyout offer from my previous employee I give up my pension, they write me a pretty substantial check, so after a lot of pondering I determined no matter how you look at it, at the end of the day its basically a gamble.

 Who knows what could happen in the next 27 years? It could be gone by then, a days worth of faxing, phone calls, and gathering documents. I decided to roll it over into a IRA to avoid a tax hit, and manage it myself. One big step towards financial freedom. Heres a few pics I did manage to grab.....