Friday, October 26, 2012

Casino camping

The temperatures finally begin to drop below freezing up at 7500ft, so I decided to head down the mountain to where I could be in the the 70's  once again. Looking for a place to park for the evening I remembered hearing rumors of a casino in the area that catered to travelers. Time to do some casino camping something I look forward to in the winter months, its always a welcomed change of pace. After cooking

on open fires, and long hikes thru the woods everyday. It is now time for restaurants, and some entertainment.

 Heading down the mountain.
View to the North the Casino
 To the west Sonic and a mini-mart about 50 yards away.
 To the east fresh frybread, which is basically just deep fried bread dough haven't had a chance to try it yet, but hoping they would open soon. The large building is a rec center, that has a swimming pool, showers, Jacuzzi, saunas, and more, weekly membership is $10 so Ive been told. The smaller building is the Apache police department with several police vehicles parked outback. Never camped in a police station parking lot, but guess I need to be on my best behavior.
 and to the south the Tonto National forest.

Located at 4900 ft its a perfect spot for fall and spring time, and definitely has everything one could want. Cost to stay here is free, unless of course the casino persuades me in to give a donation. If you enjoy the blog please subscribe via email to receive updates of the adventure, or share on your favorite social site. Thanks! 


  1. I love to go to casinos, but I prefer to make withdrawals, not give donations. Looks like you've found a good spot.

    Bob (aka stude53)

    1. LOL I prefer withdrawals myself, but that's not always the case :(. They do always have reasonable meals though.

  2. Ah beautiful! :D Your pics are wonderful! Nice one! :D
    Liv Boeree

  3. Nice camping experience! Will definitely bookmark your site. I had a few camping experiences last year and I am planning to have more this year.

    Jacob Carlson

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