Sunday, November 11, 2012

Desert bound

Had to head to the desert early this year because my navigator Candy developed a large tumor on her leg, that begin to grow at a exponential rate. We needed to get surgery done quickly, also needed to have a somewhat sterile enviorment for her recovery, someplace that didn't involve her jumping in and out of  "The Turtle" which could rip her stitches in a hurry. Southern Arizona south of Tucson is where my family lives, I made a call to  folks to make sure we had a place stay for awhile well the healing begin. My Mother confirmed Candy and I stay at her mini zoo which already contained 9 cats (3 of which are rescues) a Dog (Sammy) and a bird (Chico). Candies surgery was

a success! She has been home from the vet for almost a week now, and is doing well :).

 Candy the day after!
 Candy about 30 stitches I could count.
Part of the gang waiting for dinner.

Sammy on the right
Chico getting angrY! If you enjoy the blog please subscribe via email to receive updates of the adventure, or share on your favorite social site. Thanks!


  1. Glad to hear Candy's surgery went well and she is on the mend!

  2. Thanks she will be getting her stitches out on Monday, and Ill be building her a ramp for the van this weekend.