Saturday, November 17, 2012

Vandicap Ramp

Candy has finally reached the age where getting in and out of "The Turtle" has become a cumbersome chore, if you were to ask her though she would most certainly deny such a accusation of not being able to jumping into our mobile dwelling. Over the last couple months I had several ideas on how I could make her life easier most my plans involved 2x2s, plywood, sprockets, cogs,

hooks, nuts, bolts, fasteners, duct tape, latches, eyebolts, and other ways to keep the ramp from sliding around,and falling to the ground during her entries and sometimes explosive exits depending on what lil woodland forest critters she was off to chase. Luckily for me all those plans turned out to be much simpler then I previously expected. Things I would need included......................

A 3/4 inch piece of plywood, which I found in my Stepdads garage already cut to the perfect size! Will be getting a new paint job as well to protect it from the elements.

A bolt

Tools needed for such an arduous task, would involve a drill, and few adult beverages. The plan was to drill a hole in the plywood, then slide the bolt thru the plywood into a pre existing hole in the floor of the Turtle. Hope your keeping up with this complex undertaking I have taken on.:)
  Success!!! Candy was a wee bit leery of the new contraption, but with a piece of ham and some coaxing up she came! 
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  1. Oh my. That looks like it was super hard. I am amazed that you got through it with the assistance of only two adult beverages. Looks to me like it would have taken at least six.

  2. Lol Normally it would have taken me at least 6, but considering it was in the morning I figured I had better behave :)

  3. She's a beauty - but she looks a little embarrassed in that last pic :)