Friday, October 12, 2012

The Waiting Game

Not much to report still waiting up in the higher elevations for the temperatures to break below so I decided to do some exploring.

This is the East Verde river which eventually makes it way into the mighty Colorado river. Although I am not

sure how much of its water actually makes it there? I didn't get to do a lot of exploring in the area was hot down here, and didn't want Candy to go sniff out a sunbathing Rattlesnake. Few more pics of East Verde river below.

Found this van in the wally world parking lot. Seemed a bit much to me. Wasn't there a commercial about having the right tool for the right job?

Picked this up before I left town Smoked Porter would go well with my burgers tonight!

 Back to camp which is way up there!

Tried to get a good shot from the top of the rim but the weather wasn't cooperating, but I did come across a frog and some wild horses

Candy kicking back after another stressful day or guarding my Busch Light. If you enjoy the blog please subscribe via email to receive updates of the adventure, or share on your favorite social site. Thanks!


  1. Nice country. How about doing a background post so as to kind of introduce yourself to those interested enough to comment.

    Like how you support yourself, where you come from, why you decided to do the van living thing.

    1. Hey Selous Scout I been working on getting a about me page up and running. Thanks for the reminder:)

  2. Thanks for the wonderful pictures, I love the little frog and have traveled a bit out west but have never seen wild horses. Maybe soon as I get Little Sanitee 2 on the road.

    1. Your welcome:)Havent seen a whole lot In AZ. But on a trip to Virginia City, NV I came across hundreds of them. Good luck getting Little Sanitee 2 on the road.