Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ocean Front Property in Arizona?

Maybe George Straight was telling the truth? :) On a current hike thru the Apache Sitegreaves National Forest I stumbled upon what appeared to be a seashell and then another. Upon closer examination I had confirmed in fact these were seashells. Wow I thought to my myself with such an amazing discovery I'm gonna be rich, but as I walked further putting seashell after seashell into my now bulging pockets my thoughts of being wealthy began to fade. After returning to

camp and doing the research the facts were in, this area located at 7500 ft was once the ocean floor. Between 600 million and 1.5 billion years ago these little critters made there home here, which is now home to the largest ponderosa pine forest in the world and a common area for fossil hunters to explore. I've
heard stories of people finding sharks teeth and fossilized fish in the rock I had no such luck, still amazing that these creatures from such a distant past are just beginning to surface now. Wish these guys could tell me there stories....

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