Monday, October 1, 2012

The New Neighbors

Perched high upon the Mogollon Rim (pronounced MUG-EE-YUN) located at about 7500 ft. This is where I would stay until the temperatures down in the valley reached a reasonable temperature as I write this its 72 degrees for a high here and 103 down in the valley just a mere 60 miles as the crow flies. Anyhow during a hike through the forest I had stumbled across a old trailer that were not there on previous excursions.

After poking around briefly I decided not to stick my nose where it didn't belong so I continued on my


 Later that evening as I settled in for a few wobbly pops I started to hear bells so sticking my head out the door there seemed to be a large white mass moving across the forest floor. Rubbing my eyes I thought what in the %*&@ is that. Turning around and glancing back to make sure this was  my second beer I received further confirmation.
Candy had seen it too!

So I began to approach the white mass and was suddenly confronted by 1 of 2 Great white Pyrenees. Then it occurred to me after hearing bahhhhh bahhhhh bahhhhh this great white beast was protecting his flock. These animals attack and even kill anything that got close to the flock. Including bears, mountain lions and coyotes, but with a piece of ham I was able to befriend 1 of the 2 guardians the other was not fond of Candy or myself.

Then the final invasion begin! (Click the youtube button for best quality)

Sheepdog and Coyote really do exist :) Then after all the sheep and dogs were on there way I could see a man following behind all of them ahh yes the Shepard! So I confronted my new neighbor anxious to find out about the life of a Shepard. It was clear to me in just a few second there was one heck of a language barrier after about 5 minutes of trying to converse he was on his way.

Suddenly he turned

around and

spoke 2

words I could


Uno Cerveza! He came through camp the next 3 days only to repeat those words. If you enjoy the blog please subscribe via email to receive updates of the adventure, or share on your favorite social site. Thanks!


  1. There used to be a sheep track from phx to the white mountains. The sheep or goats would be brought down here to clear out weeded lots. I'm assuming he wanted a beer, instead of offering?

  2. Yes it was beer he craved. The Forest service now leases 40 acre parcels to let animals graze on far to many fences , and cattle guards for them to roam to far.

  3. The universal language! ¿Uno mas, por favor? Important words to know.