Saturday, February 9, 2013

Imperial Sand Dunes California

 My journey to the Slabs got kicked into overdrive, after the security department at my previous local gave all the other Rvers, and I an ultimatum. Either we spend money at the Casino, and prove it by getting a players club card, or leave within the next 48hrs. If you did not abide there notice. You would be punished FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW! Seems there plan to make an extra buck through scare tactics turned out to be a failure as most patronizing Rvers left anyway.

Anyways on my Slabs I drove through the Imperial sand dunes in southeast California. These dunes are 40 miles long, and 5 miles wide, and a heaven for off-road enthusiasts. They believe to be created by the eastern shore of ancient Lake Cahuilla, which is thought to be over 100 miles long, 35 miles wide, and 300 ft deep, the lake was fed by the Colorado River. Eventually the Colorado changed its course, and by the 1600's this ancient lake had dried up. Now 400 years later, as I type this I am sitting 230 ft below sea level, where this ancient lake would have been. Crazy how things change? Here's a few pictures of the dunes.....

Despite making a great, Home, Office, and Vehicle. The Turtle  did not make a good dune machine he sunk rather quickly with a lil tire spinnage, but with the petal to the metal I managed to make it back to the asphalt. Finally made it to Slab City. Pretty cool area I'll be writing some post soon.
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  1. Awesome pics! Looks like your having fun. Freezing rain back here in Minnesota :(

  2. Good photos. Is always a wonder to me why these places do not want us parked on their lots. I would bet everyone at least buys a meal a day. Some even play the games. Let's face it, if one plays, one will not win. Probally 9 out of 10 times. So in my way of looking at it, if i buy one meal a day, you make money on me. If you run me off, no money on me. If the lot is full so as no paying customer can park there, by all means ask me to go as they can make more money from someone else. If not, be happy they can take my money. However small that money is. Just my .02cents. Which is about all i have, till the 1st of the month.

    1. Agreed! Hopefully they'll wisen up one of these days. As long as there is an empty lot everyone sooner or later goes in to get something. The bluewater casino in Parker Az use to be packed with rvers. Then they decided to charge $5 a night, and the lot is empty, so Ive heard.

  3. what goes around, comes around most of the time! treat me good, i tell a few, treat me bad i tell more than a few. thats just the way it is. i think. cant wait to see the slabs :)

  4. Seems it wouldn't hurt to make the name public. Did you say which casino in the CasinoRV Yahoo group?

  5. Oops missed this. Didn't know there was a Casino RV group. Thanks for the share.