Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Slab City Tanks

On my final day at the Slabs I woke up early to venture out to the tanks, which are the old water storage tanks for the military base. They are said to have been painted by one man over the course of a few winters. Here is a few pictures of my hike out to the Tanks.

The first set of tanks,also the furthest away, and is occupied. Gave a few friendly hello shouts, but all I ended up getting was a barking dog.
Tank dwelling close up. Neat tire structure and water tank located on the roof, and the black area off to the right had a goats living under it.
Tank art
Peeking over the edge of the short tank its been converted into a chicken coop. 
Second Tank depicting corporate giants as monsters, and dinosaurs.

A neat bus conversion sitting next to the Kama Sutra tank. Unfortunately my camera battery had died, and was unable to get any pics of this tank. Looking back maybe it was fortunate for some viewers, as this tank maybe offensive to some, and definitely not safe for work :) A quick google image search, and you'll understand.
Few pics of the general hike, and life below sea level. Found several seashells in this wash.
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  1. I'm loving discovering all these random places with you

    1. Thanks Claire. Thats always nice to hear.

    2. These are picture of the Slabs I have never seen before. Lots of pictures on other blogs but nothing of the tanks.
      Thanks! To bad your battery died.

  2. Glad you have shared the Slabs with us. Looks live a very "interesting" place.

    1. Definitely a interesting place I will be returning

  3. The first tanks you went to were actually the sewage treatment for the old military base, while the two on the top of the hill held the water supply. A slabber known as Moth lives in the first tank with the tires on top. As you saw, he has chickens and goats. He has lived at Slab City for about 7 years and is a well known member of the community. I spent quite a lot of time talking to him last time I was out there, and he says he is almost self sufficient. He is thinking about making goat cheese.