Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Moving along

 Ignore the mess. For the passed 2 weeks families been up from Tucson and the containers been used as guest house a kitchen, and storage for vast amounts of building supplies that slowly disappear into the structure then get replenished after frequent trips to home depot. Picture above is of the front wall.

 All walls done with foam insulation
 Electrical is all run except for the bathroom, which Ill build once I get the duct work in the attic done.

 Light fixtures are all up
Started the insulation in the attic
All the progress has Ginger flat out tuckered!
Thanks for visiting! Good Day!


  1. Sorry, I can't remember, will you have "shore power" or provide your own?

    1. Hey Squire, it'll be all solar generator back up if needed.

  2. Sure have gotten lots done. I really like that insulation you used I, did that in my shed years ago. Poor Ginger she must be working very hard. :)

  3. Hi,
    Wow, lots of work there with the insulation and the electric. I am going to have to lie down now, like Ginger, after just looking at the pics.!!


  4. Ginger, learn to pace yourself. Looking good. Duct work,ceiling? Some a/c?
    Coweta Dan

    1. More for venting out the kitchen and bathrooms to the outside. Was hoping not to need a.c. but will see what happens