Sunday, April 24, 2016


In the very early stages of the build I had no plans of windows just small tube skylights, but after much consideration I believe I would have gone bananas not being able to peer outside at the approaching storm.

 Days of scouring the internet for the perfect window for the container I came up with nothing. All were far to big, and the ones that were small enough were pretty flimsy. Eventually figured just build my own.

 Several hours of thinking, and trying to muster up the courage to cut a big hole into beast. Finally broke out the angle grinder, and begin to slice away. Slap together a couple short 2x6's a couple coats of paint a small sheet of some pretty thick plexiglass for less then $15 I had a window.
Yes my caulking skillz have lots of room for improvement, but this will work for now. 2x6s made it flush on the inside and extended out of the rigidness of the container

 Porch window is a screened slider will be mounting a large fan somewhere in the back for air exchange.
 Brings in a fair amount of light at this point another window or a skylight are still up in the air.

Gingy helping out the delivery folks with 16 sheets of large insulation.

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  1. Looking good man !
    Coweta Dan

  2. I really like what you decided to do with your property. It's looking nice and great work on the container.

  3. Great progress!
    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back about roof paint. Still available email me if interested

  4. Natural light just feels good.


  5. Brilliant, I am enjoying the updates

  6. This is getting exciting, windows are a must I think don't want to live in a cave. Well that's just my opinion anyway no that they count. LOL