Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mountain Lake Lookout hike

Picture from the trail with tower barely visible. Trailhead leaves Los Burros Campground about a 7 mile hike unless your following me turned out to be about 11. Someone had knocked over the sign pointing the way dam vandals. Eventually ran into a group of ATV'ers who put me on the right track. Elevation gains about 550' . Heres a few more pics....

 Robin eggs
 The black Mesa in the distance is the same one that can be seen from my property. With a good set of  binocs you could zoom right in.
 48ft tower. Not a fun climb for those afraid off heights
Well worth the views though
Good Day!


  1. Great views, lovely pics thank you

  2. Amazing views. I couldn't climb that tower. My fear of heights wouldn't allow it.

    1. I hate heights as well. Had trouble signing the log book after the climb up.

  3. Wow! Trying to get my van together just now and will (hopefully be ready soon to embark again!