Saturday, June 27, 2015

Los Burros Trail

Currently up at 9500 feet, but heres a hike I did a few weeks ago while at Los burros campground loop is 14 miles moderate inclines, and there is a shortcut if the whole loop is to long. Cutting the distance down to 9 miles.

 Mere minutes on the trail I ran across a man claiming he had just come across a wolf, then moments later another guy who had just seen a mountain lion chase down a elk. 

Couldn't help but think these two fellers were in cahoots trying to scare a green horn outta the forest. It almost worked, but got to thinking my drive into town is probably 10 times more deadly then a hike in the mountains. In the end I made it! Not without some aching feet. Heres a few more pics

 Very old corral
 Old non functioning wind mill used to provide water for game at one time
First time Ive come across these wild strawberries. Very Tasty
 Honey suckles use to eat these as youngin growing up in the sticks in rural MN
Use to eat these in my younger years too, but had a much different affect then the honey suckles. will save that story for another day.
Happy trails


  1. Turned 39 yesterday. Hope to be off grid and mobile by my 40th.

    1. Happy Belated Birthday! Best of luck on hitting the road!

  2. Looks like nice hike and nice stuff to eat along the way in younger times. hahaa
    Heading up to Greer tomorrow for the day trip and to check out a possible place to stay for a few days.

    1. Hey Jo! Just down the road from the Greer turn off. Went to Alpine and Big Lake this morning.