Sunday, June 14, 2015

Back to Burros

Been many many moons since I been back to Los Burros. One of my favorite spots just never able to get internet. This being my first year up here with my Yagi Antenna figured Id give it a shot. Success!!! Not blazing 4G, but I was able to muster up 3 bars of 3G enough to feed my internet addiction for a bit.

Los Burros was the Ranger Station back in 1909-1910 Ranger rode his horse daily to the top of Mountain Lake Lookout to check for fires. Not sure how they battled forest fires back then. Considering we struggle today with all of our modern equipment. Took the 3 1/2 mile hike up to the look out, but will get to that in a later post. Heres a few more pics of Los Burros

Horse Corral
Rangers Station
Campground host. Pretty neat lil set up. Ill try to grab a few more pics when he returns
Coyote that came into camp. Ginger did plenty of barking, but didnt chase, which is a good thing. Often times they send one coyote in, then the dog will chase them back to the pack.
Ginger displaying her acrobatic abilities. She get cruising on downed trees much smaller then this on a hikes. Talking mid 80's even up here at 8000ft, so heading to higher elevations in the morning.

Good Day!

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  1. It figures just when I get up here to Lakeside you head to higher ground. It has been in the high 90's .here so after doing morning trecs its time to hunker down in the a/c. Don't know if I will get to camp at Big Lake or not.