Sunday, June 7, 2015

Crazy People

My stay at the Mesa has finally come to a end. After 2 months of unseasonable weather I've sat through snow, rain, and sleet. The temps are finally driving me to the higher altitudes. Spending most morning's hiking across, what seems to be a almost forgotten part of America. One can't help but wonder where is everybody? Land can be purchased next to nothing. Zoning laws seem almost non-existent, and a mere 20 mile trip to almost anything one could desire.

Yet on a recent trip to town I mention the location of my property to a local. Why would you wanna be out there with all the crazies? Do you have water? Is there electricity? To which I replied "Yup got both of them, and as far as the crazies, there everywhere, that just depends on your perception of normal". I then received a blank stare followed by a chuckle further back. Perhaps if I were belly up to the bar I would I have tried to explain a life outside the box, but since my last item had been bagged I simply said" Have a good day!" Heres a few pics......

Old Cabin,Hut, Shack. Found while out hiking.
Tons of Antelope this year

Ginger running down one of hundreds of Roads that have been cut but never developed.
Ginger hunting Antelope

May Expenses

Phone Internet Netflix  141.49
Food 131.17

 Thats all folks Total $272.66

Thanks to all who used my Amazon Link

Off to Greener Pastures! Good Day!


  1. Crazies!
    Hmmm interesting. I thought that Slab City had a corner on the weird and crazy sector of American life? No? So people who live off grid and inexpensively are grouped together as crazies because we won't work as endentured slaves until we are too d to enjoy even a smidgen of lifetime!

    Na - they got it backwards!

    1. Slab City does take the cake. Heard in April they were trying to shut it down again. Yup they do got it backwards :)

  2. Good to see a post. So where are you heading to? I will arrive Sunday to Fool Hollow to meet up with some friends. Spending 3 day's there then heading to higher ground. Big Lake and who knows where else. I like your cabin. :)

    1. Probably up to Los Burros then south of big lake for some dispersed camping. Cabin doesnt look like much but the view is phenomonal.

  3. Your property has water, and electric?