Saturday, May 9, 2015

Home on the Mesa

 When I arrived back to The Mesa on April 2nd the days were sunny, and creeping into the 80's. Since then its been a slow decline, with at least a few drops of rain each day, then finally waking up to this ^^^^ just this morning. Which is great the mountains up here need it, keeps the forest service happy as well.

I've spent the last 5 weeks making plans to build a off the grid compound,or home, but compound sounds much cooler. Complete with shipping container home, green house, 1500 gallon water catchment system, farm animals, and enough solar to run the whole operation. Many phone calls and days later the whole set-up would cost about 7 to 8 thousand. Not to bad for a compound.

 The whole idea seemed fantastic until reality crept in, or maybe the beer wore off? Either way,that trip into the mountains, or down to the desert would become a 1 week hassle instead of a 3 month adventure. That's when this quote bubbled into my melon.

"Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from."
                                          -Seth Godin

So yup pretty much ixnayed the whole idea for now. One day perhaps when my feet ain't so itchy, but for now I can see my summer hideout up near 10000ft from the Mesa, and i'll be on my way if it ever warms up. Heres a few more pics.....

 Ginger in disbelief. All this white crap wasn't here yesterday.
 Had another load of cinders delivered. Will get a youtube video once im done spreading them.
 Family came to visit to celebrate my 40th year on this big blue marble.
 Mom made fancy new curtains for the Turtle, with storage pockets a must for any vandweller.
 Built a mail bucket. Although the post office wont deliver I did manage to get UPS and Fed Ex out here after several days of trial, and error.
 Antelope checking me out.
 Birds building a nest in the Turtle Top. Ixnayed them too
 Can we keep him? This lil fella followed me home one day. Started to get a bit nervous when he didn't wanna leave. Eventually his mom showed up. Turns out Louie doesn't look so clever, and keen, but he is quite the escape artist. 
Gingy hanging out at the reservoir.

April Expenses
Grocery 193.22
Misc 28.02
Gas 41.72
Ginger 31.96
Propane 14.62
Hot Spot Phone Netflix 141.49
April expense = 451.03

Thanks to all of you who used my Amazon link, and Thanks for visiting! Good Day!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Ginger looks so pretty.

    Sounds like you made a wise decision to not alter your life right now. It takes a lot of courage sometimes to put the brakes on an idea you've been working on when you realize the timing is wrong.

  2. I'm having the same thoughts you had and also for when I'm physically constrained from traveling. Hoping that won't be for another 20 years or so.... only 73 now. :)

    1. Think its common for us Nomads to wanna settle down from time to time. When I first purchased the land I had plans then to didnt make it 5 weeks before I was ready to run.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Good thinking on not taking that next big step right now. What is great is at least you have your land already so when every your ready its there. And SNOW! I think winter got a little confused this year. But yes it will help keep those fires at bay. Hope when I get up there it will have warmed up just a bit. Plan on leaving June 13 or 14. Is that Scott's Reservoir?

    1. Thanks Jo! Yep been a messed up spring 80s in March at 8000 ft and snowing in May down here. Yes thats scotts

  4. happy birthday Ryan! thought of you when we stayed in Desert Del Sol here in Tucson for many nights. enjoyed lots of free mariachi music & one night with earth, wind & fire. tacos at abuelitas were good too a few times. looked around for housing, seems bad timing, so yeah, back on the road for us too. heading to CA in the next couple days. love the curtain idea. ginger's adorable and carlos has a question. who provides the services on your phone, hotspot tab? (becky, carlos & abra in the view from coyote creek state park last july 4th)

    1. Thanks! Dont go to the Del Sol at all last winter its one of my favorite spots, but a puppy made parking lots pretty tough. Rio Rico or 3 points is the cheapest I know of down in that area for housing or raw land.

      Verizon is still my provider I use the phone as a hotspot. Really don't need to pay the extra 30 for the hotspot could just tether, but with the amount of data I use I dont mind. Pretty sure I'm at the top of verizons most wanted list. Let me know if you have other question. Was great to hear from you. Enjoy California!

  5. Happy Birthday Ryan!!! i may take your advise and take the truck camper out this time. :) June 5 or 6th is the dead line day.

    1. Thanks JP! You heading to the Rim or gonna venture out further?

    2. plans for the rim, but who knows for sure. why, you going someplace??

    3. Yep up to Greer area eventually

  6. Think I would put a sign up asking folks who boondock on my property to leave no trace. Of course, that might just encourage them ;-)

    1. I found that the trespassers will be shot on site and survivors will be shot again to be a effective sign :)