Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mesa Beaver

Moved off  "The Mesa" a lil less then 2 weeks ago to rim country. Where I shall remain until old man winter chases me into the valley below. This is the same area I was in a few springs ago when we got 17 inches of snow. Although I don't mind the spring time snowstorm I really don't feel like get stranded in a fall one. May take a tad bit longer to melt! Rumor has it they got 14ft up here 5 years ago. Crushing houses, and Ponderosa pines were tipping over due to ground being saturated. Here is a few pics of my time on The Mesa.

Had another 25 yards of cinders hauled in. Took a few weekends but finally got them spread out. Turned out great will upload a walk around video soon.
The Fam Damily been to the visit the Mesa frequently 
The Mesa Beaver lodge located under a juniper. Turned out to be a pack rat, but Ill still call it the Mesa Beaver for entertainment purposes. This explains all my stuff going missing overnight. You can see the dog leash it stole and through on top.
The entrance

Jumping Gingy! Enjoying the good life!
Ill get some pics from rim country soon. Thanks for visiting! Good Day!


  1. Pack Rats are nasty thieves and will munch on your van wires too. Seems Ginger is loving the Mesa and your enjoying Ginger as well.

  2. Yeppers Good to have a pooch again!