Monday, July 28, 2014

Storrie Lake State Park (Turtle Troubles)

 Campsite at Storrie Lake
Already left Storrie Lake for a rendezvous with my brother whose been on a week like motorcycle. This will cut about 6 hours off his trip and gave me a good excuse to head to Bluewater Lake. Havent been here before cause its always been a bit out of the way.

Unfortunately this may be my last New Mexico park for a bit. The Turtle is still a bit upset me looking at a new home, even after several apologies , and pats on the hood. He basically just quits running every time it rains, and with the monsoons in full effect he hardly runs at all. .

So far I've replaced plugs, and wire. New distributor cap, and rotor, fuel filter, and have a ignition coil on the way. If anyone has any tips or clues help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to Email me, or comment below. Email is over there -------> Back to the Storrie


 The garbage service at Storrie is impeccable twice daily they come right to your site to get your trash.
Got to meet Roxy from The Good Luck Duck (middle) Annie from Annie and the furballs (not pictured), and ran into Jeannie from On the Road with Riley, (right), and Barbara From Me, My Dog, and My R.V. (not pictured) again. Sorry cell phone camera :( Thanks for visiting! Good Day!


  1. try some fuel injection cleaner a bottle or two..and put in some higher octane fuel a few times on the next fill ups I did that and my van runs better I replaced the air filter too...

  2. Oh poor Turtle. Hope these next things fix the problems. Or will it be something bigger? Could some critter have gotten under there and ate some wires you haven't found yet?

  3. Definitely sounds like some sort of shorting issue to me. If the coil doesn't fix it then maybe you got some bad new parts too? Might have to run the van at night and take off the dog house to see if there's any arcing.

  4. Idle air control valve. Egr valve

  5. Did you Goggle it? Sometimes a forum on your van somebody will have an idea. Just a thought?....HoboJoe

  6. We had the same problem with a 1978 Chrysler. Every time it rain, no start. Never able to solve the issue. Finally traded it in on a Honda.

  7. I would go through and disconnect all frame ground wires, sand them, re-attach, spray battery corrosion prevention on it. I would spray silicone over the old harness & wires first & then

    buy the bigger plastic wrap that protects wires and slide it over the old wiring harness.

  8. Ballast resistor for ignition coil. White porcelain block which can have hairline crack which draws moisture.