Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bluewater State Park

 View from the bluff

No luck fixing the Turtle as of yet. Only a few days left here at blueweater, so like like he maybe getting a ride out of here. Good thing he broke down here cause its close to my property in AZ, and towing will be covered.

 My camp

 Camp pet
 Wild Horses

 Interesting rig
From above the dam
Brother stopped by for a visit from Tucson
Video from Storrie Lake I forgot to post Thanks for visiting. Good Day!


  1. Such a bummer about the Turtle. At least you're thinking about moving to another rig, and maybe now's the time. :(

    How are you enjoying Bluewater Lake? You're in one of my favorite sites - but don't coddle the critters. They'll just end up in my engine next time I'm there - LOL. Hope you're having fun with your brother. :)

  2. At least Turtle gave you a good summer in NM and your closer to home base. Hope to get up the mountain in about 2 weeks. Want to send you some pictures of a set up I saw on Valencia if I can find a place to pull over.

  3. This may be a bit far-fetched, but your symptoms sound a lot like a problem I had with a 1994 Ford E-250 Sportsmobile. Dying, lurching, hard to start, transmission not shifting properly. I experienced a miserable trip from northeast Tejas to Arizona with this problem. After spending hundreds of dollars having plugs, wires, etc, etc replaced, an excellent mechanic in Fountain Hills, Az diagnosed the problem as a TPS (throttle position sensor) . Problem solved.
    Maybe this will help.