Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A year in Pictures

Happy New Years!

Picacho, AZ
A year in pictures inside

Casino Camping Maricopa, Az
Pass into Yuma

Colorado River Yuma,AZ
Man living in a house of Sticks Yuma Az
Attended the Rubber tramp Rendevous
Imperial Sand Dunes California
Salvation Mountain

Made it to the Slabs

Salton Sea

 Bombay beach

 Tucson Hikes
Seven Falls hike
Wasson Peak
Off for the summer Boondocking in Payson
Winter storm Forest Lakes AZ
Bought some acreage Northern Az
Los Burros Elk
Crazy Cowz near Big Lake Az
New boondocking sites above 9000ft

Run in with the Sheepherder
Rim country
Back to Tucson Casino's
Upgraded the solar, and battery system.
That about sums it! For the full years adventure click here. Thanks for visiting! 
Good Day!


  1. Cool pictures! I like the mountains, and I remember when you ran into the sheepherder (and ALL THE SHEEP - that was awesome and absolutely amazing!) I've never seen so many together at one time. How many miles did you drive in 2013?

    1. Hey Anne Think I drove around 3000 to 3500 miles, which is more then usual spent racked up a lot of miles searching for land.

  2. As a New York City gal, I really enjoy the lil' bit of wild your images offer. Also impressed by your pared down lifestyle and common sense approach to "stuff"--we really don't need much do we? Some day I'll leave these canyons of steel for my own little piece of heaven. Meanwhile, thanks for your interesting blog! nancy

    1. Thanks for reading glad you enjoy! Looking back I dont miss any of the stuff I have gotten rid of. Good luck on escaping your canyons of steel!

  3. Yes you had a busy year. Hope you have another great one on the road this year. Travel safely and keep the pictures coming.

  4. Hard to believe the saltin sea used to be a vacation fishing spot. Great pics.

    1. Thanks Jon, Yeah crazy part of the country to visit. There so much history there, and nowadays its complete desolation