Monday, January 6, 2014

Josephine Saddle Madera Canyon

Mount Wrightson

Candy' stitches are out, and I am back at the Del Sol. Trying to save a few greenbacks for future upgrades to make "The Turtle" even more luxurious, so I will post as I complete them.

Stepping on the scale after the holidays gave me the motivation to take a jaunt into the mountains, also an opportune time to try out my new hiking shoes. Destination Josephine saddle at Madera Canyon.

 There is two trails leading to the saddle, the old baldy trail, which is 2.2 miles, and the super trail which is 3.7 miles. Old baldy is significantly steeper then the supertrail, the elevation at the parking lot is around 5200 ft, and the saddle is 7080', so if your heading out this time of year check the weather, and bring a jacket you will see some of the white stuff.

 Madera canyon is located about 15 miles east of Green Valley, Az, which is south of Tucson. Here's a few more pics of the hike.

Looking out from Old Baldy trail
Switchbacks far below
White stuff trails can be a bit slick!
Mount Wrightson made it to the top once before, but not gonna happen on this hike.
Stay warm out there folks! Even Candy was surprised to find ice in her water dish this morning.

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  1. Hey, I just noticed in the pic of Candy today that she has heterochromatic eyes. Me, too. That is such a cute expression on her face. I'm hoping you take a day-hike emergency kit with you on such hikes (especially with extreme weather). I wrote some suggestions in my blog after I read a couple of months ago that another full-timer who blogs had gotten lost on a relatively short hike. And, thanks for the lovely photos!

    1. Sorry for the Delay all! Your welcome Ill look into emergency kits been on this trail before so felt secure

  2. Of course your back down here and I am sick. I can't believe how sick I got in a matter of an hour.
    Candy looks so sweet in that picture. Glad she is doing so well.

  3. Very nice pics. Hope to chat with you soon again.

  4. Glad the hike went well. Pace yourself with the new boots or you will get blisters! But I know it is nice to get new shoes and they do feel good. Love the mountain pictures and Candy does look GOOD! She does enjoy a good walk, doesn't she?

  5. Thanks Anne. Nope no long hikes for the old fart she hurts more after them. Short and slow these days