Sunday, July 7, 2013


Still enjoying the good life up at 9500ft. Daily highs have been a breezy 75 degrees. Moved on from my old locale, and into someplace a little bit more incognito. Would love to share, but cant be given away all my good spots ;). If you really must know feel free to shot me an email, and plan on bringing gifts. 

 Heres a few more pics......

 Turkeys in action
 Turtles new home
 Remains of the wallow fire that burned over 538000 acres. Biggest recorded fire in Arizona's history. Smoke reached Albuquerque NM over 200 miles away. 

Web pic of sunset and smoke in Albuquerque.

 Mouse in the house. Caught with a MiceCube mousetrap. First mouse in over 3 years.
 The good life. Sitting in the forest. Playing PS2. Drinking a cold one. All powered by the Sun!
Finally a good rain, and hail storm. Still not as much as we need, but its a start. Roads stay in pretty good shape up at these elevations , and you have lawns instead of mud pits.
Scene from Candy, and I morning hike. Thanks for visiting, and have a great day!


  1. Ooooh - life would be good at that elevation. Trying not to be jealous!

    1. Indeed life is grand. Now just hoping for more rain to so we can have fires.

  2. Ditto to Kimbopolo! Enjoy your new spot (I'm in WNC, so not asking where you are) I'm off to work 8-5... but love my new job (was unemployed for a bit) and glad to be working again. We've had loads of rain, no hail. Had 9 inches in a few days here, so lots of mud spots. Keep the pictures coming!

    1. Yikes 9 inches in a few days thats gotta cause some damage. Congratz on the new job!

  3. Nice spot there. Hope you get lots more rain too. We have had plenty and the hail too. Trailer is listed so I will be looking for these great spots too soon I hope. Take care and keep enjoying the scenery.

  4. Nice picture of the wild turkeys. It is amazing just how smart wild turkeys are and how dumb tame ones are. Domestication does that to animals and people (grin).