Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chipmunks and Beer?

Got Food?

Still enjoying my stay at Greens Peak, but will be leaving in a few days. Due to the fact that Arizona Ranger stopped by to notify me of the 2 week stay policy. In my 4 years of being nomadic I have only ran into a true Ranger once.  Figured someone would be thru I am camped right below the station, thats my bad but those cell towers were just so tempting. Looks like ill be in search of a more incognito locale.

 Besides waking up to fresh pine scented air at 9400ft, the only excitement out here has been this lil woodland forest critter. He/She stops by daily, and has obviously been eating campers leftovers for sometime. Heres a few more pics........

 Hey! I'm hungry!





To my surprise. 

 Hmmmm Whats this?


How do I get the rest out?  Hmmmm guess i'll go watch the human.

Ahhhhh thats how its done.

Thanks for stopping by! Good Day!


  1. Pretty funny Nomad, How dose Candy like the chipmunk. That's what you call a drunkmunk

    1. Lol. She chases them, when she aint snoozing.

  2. Cute little thing. Can't wait to see where your going next.

  3. Hey Nomad, have you ran into the problem of no sun for a few days, and your refrigerator stops. What do you do?

  4. Hey Dan,
    I have a little generator I use to charge the battery in cloudy conditions.

    1. Thanks Nomad, I have one to but its a noisy son of a gun. I hate to bring it out when others are near. I already have a new one on my list.

    2. No problem. The little Hondas or Yamaha's are the best. The Honda has eco throttle not sure if the Yamaha does or not? So it only uses as much energy as it needs down to 250 watts instead of always running at 1000. You converting a van or RV?

    3. I have a small 1987 Layton travel trailer. 18ft. Its pretty comfortable. It had no solar so I have started redoing things. I`ve been camping south of Flagg for a week. Today I`m headed into town for supplies then I`m going over to see Bob.

    4. Down by Kachina village im guessing. Tell Bob Hi

  5. Cute pictures. Gives me a mini-break while I am temporarily trapped behind this desk! Thanks!