Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chipmunks and Beer?

Got Food?

Still enjoying my stay at Greens Peak, but will be leaving in a few days. Due to the fact that Arizona Ranger stopped by to notify me of the 2 week stay policy. In my 4 years of being nomadic I have only ran into a true Ranger once.  Figured someone would be thru I am camped right below the station, thats my bad but those cell towers were just so tempting. Looks like ill be in search of a more incognito locale.

 Besides waking up to fresh pine scented air at 9400ft, the only excitement out here has been this lil woodland forest critter. He/She stops by daily, and has obviously been eating campers leftovers for sometime. Heres a few more pics........

 Hey! I'm hungry!





To my surprise. 

 Hmmmm Whats this?


How do I get the rest out?  Hmmmm guess i'll go watch the human.

Ahhhhh thats how its done.

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