Friday, May 17, 2013

New Neighbors

Been on my soon to be land for almost 3 weeks now. Turns out the title isn't clear, and could take up to six weeks to close, so for now I will continue to squat on there property. My Realtor is working with the owner on signing some documents permitting me to stay here until closing.

 Not to worried about being harassed in my 3 weeks here my Brother and his family came to visit, a truck drove by, one four wheeler, and that's it. Heres some pics of my other neighbors.......

This guy/gal comes thru nightly, and is rather tame.

Decided to buy a hummingbird feeder after rescuing 1 to 2 a day who flew into the van, and got trapped up in the front window. One even poked Candy in the nose.
 Antelope have come thru twice now. Also noticed a lot of deer scat in the area.
Close up of the Antelope. Thanks for visiting, and Good Day!