Saturday, June 1, 2013

Still Squatting

 Been 6 weeks now that I have been squatting on my soon to be property, the good news is that the owner has given me written consent to stay on the land until the title transfer is complete. Squatting here as been a little difficult its like getting a new toy, and not being able to take it out of the box. Guess it leaves more time to make solid plans.

The weather has been windy for quite a few weeks now, but guess thats the norm for springtime in the mountains. Temps the last few days have been in the low to mid 80's, and 50's at night excellent sleeping weather. Candy doesn't agree, and thinks it time to move further up the mountain. Which may just happen any day soon:) Heres a few pictures of hikes taken around the property...

 Blooming cactus up at 7200 ft

Good Day!


  1. Candy may know best. Just sayin'.

  2. Hello lovvie xx Thanks for commenting on my blog. Well, thanks to your brilliant blog, I've got through an entire pot of tea to myself and have read no end of pages of your adventures. Do you get lonely? You certainly lead a frugal life! you put me to shame. Thanks for all the pictures of the vans and caravans - fascinating. I shall be back to read more - Love Froogs xxx

  3. Looks like a nice piece of land Nomad. I think Its been alittle hot all around the state. Sounds like Candie likes to be on the move. Do you plan to build on that land.

    1. She likes to be cool. No plans on building anytime soon. Maybe a small travel trailer one of these years. Something simple no use complicating things

  4. I love your property - trees, views, looks like some pretty level, cleared land. Really nice. :)