Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hunting for Land

 As I mentioned a few posts back I had been searching for a small piece of ground to call my own. Well there it is 98240 sq ft to call my own, or just a smidgen under 2.5 acres. Papers are all signed and moneys moved into escrow, so hopefully all goes well.

 The property has basically no zoning, and parking a Rv here is permitted, its also located 20 minutes from Show-Low, and has great roads leading to it, which was a tough find.  Its elevation is 6800 feet, so its average temps are mid 80's in the summer, and mid 40's in the winter, there is no water, electric, (which I haven't been hooked to in over 3 years anyways) and most importantly no bills!

 One day should I decide to build a off the grid cabin, the ground is perfect for making a cobb, or earthbag structure, but for now I am just going to put in a driveway leading up to the location pictured above. By the time all that is done I am sure I will be ready yo move on. Heres a few more pics of the property....

 Black Mesa off in the distance. Grass is a bit dry but imagine that green up when the monsoons arrive.

 Mountains in the Distance, about 20 miles as the crow flys. I stayed up there for 6 weeks last year. Wrote about it here.
Great sunsets here as well. Thanks for visiting!