Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Scott's Reservoir Show-Low, AZ Review

Scotts Reservoir in Show-Low is a great spot to stay when in the Show-Low,Pinetop-Lakeside area.  The area is heavily treed, and each campsite has a fire ring, and picnic tables. The campground also has vault toilets, and is hosted from May 1st to October 1st. Its also very close to all your shopping needs. Your length of stay is just a mere 5 days, which is more then enough time for me to stock up. If you wish to stay in the area longer there is forest land just up the road. Just take a right out of the reservoir, and then take another right on Porter Mountain Road forest land is about 3 to 4 mile back. Ohhhh and it is free to stay at the Reservoir. Heres a few pics.

The reservoir. Thats Porter mountain in the background.
The reason why your stay is limited. Pigs leaving there trash behind Theres hundred's of dumpsters in the area, and they bring there garbage out here, it takes only one to ruin it for the rest of us!
General area
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  1. Thanks for the pictures! It looks like a great place to camp.

  2. It is beautiful and tranquil. I hope you enjoy your stay. It is frustrating that some will leave their trash NEAR a trash can - just being lazy. It does ruin it for others. Thanks for sharing - it was relaxing and made me smile just to see the pictures.

  3. Picture #3. Such a beautiful place. I can't for the life of me understand what is wrong with people.

  4. Wonderful area. Water, trees, ect. And free. One of the things i will do, if there are none or few other campers around. I take a trash bag and pick up after others. Makes my stay better, and i feel others who come in will be more apt to keep it clean also. Thanks for posting the locations.

  5. You sure are close to where I am in Pinetop.
    Last year I went out there to take pictures. And talk about trash. How sad. These people probable live the same way at home.
    If you would like to get together for coffee or something send me a line. You should find it on my blog.