Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ak Chin Casino Camping

Harrah's Ak-Chin Casino is located about 40 miles south of Phoenix, and around 15 miles north of Interstate 8, on hwy 347. The Casino is Rver friendly been here 3 nights, and 4 days haven't seen any security. Rv Parking is right along hwy 347, so there's definitely some traffic noise. There is four restaurants the Agave which sits poolside, Steakhouse, Buffet, and a grill.

                                                     The entrance to the Casino

The Hotel
Even got movie theaters.
Bowling alley, and possibly a fifth restaurant not sure of there open.
Egg,cheese, bacon, and onion breakfast burrito, mostly egg though:(. Oh well rent was free for 4 days no complaints.
For you pet minded folks plenty of area  for the kids to run without any traffic. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Thanks for the post nomad, It looks like a place I would like to visit myself, love those buffets. Did you make any money while you were there?

    1. No problem Dan:) Was great besides the traffic. Heck no! Lost $5 while I was there Ill be back one day to try to get it back.

  2. Good for you Nomad in being even-handed about the casino, and candid about the noise. RVers benefit most when they come into a casino (or any camping situation) with realistic expectations, and see it as a nice tool/option that is good for a few days. Overselling casinos just results in disappointment for the reader and a loss of credibility for the blogger. Good job.

    1. Thanks Boonie. Casino's are always gonna be a bit noisier, but a nice stopping place to break up the long trips.