Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yuma, Az

The road to Yuma is symbolic of how most would view the western deserts of the United States. For me it was 160 miles of flat, sandy, tumbleweed ridden desert from my previous location at the Ak-Chin Casino.

First and only very small mountain pass on the trip
Yuma off in the distance from the top of the pass.
Not a bad temperature for the first week of January, was actually trying to get the time cause I just missed 3:10 in Yuma.
Ocean to Ocean bridge built in 1915 to connect Arizona to California, before it was built you had to take a 1200 hundred mile journey just to cross the Colorado River, now it can be accomplished in 336ft, before its completion if you wanted to drive from San Francisco to New York you had to drive a extra 1500 miles.
Paradise Casino my home for a few days RV are on the right and definitely welcome!
Interesting set-up in the Casino lot
Yuma prison the destination of Ben Wade in the the movie 3:10 to Yuma
Yuma Prison Guard Tower
From Below
Train Bridge across the Colorado along side the Ocean to Ocean bridge.
Colorado River. To the right of the bridge was a trail leading from the tracks to a Hobo Camp, which was occupied at the time , but didnt have my camera with me on my evening walk.
Colorado  river from above
Colorado River
Another Randy the Mobile Codger Sighting :)
Randy tells me of people living out in that batch of trees,
and hes right this particular fella who you can hardly see sitting in the distance rents the land from the Native Americans $60 for every 3 months. He is perfectly happy, and enjoys his life of simplicity. Candy also explores the camp.
Others are not so happy :(
Randy points out a stick house in the distance
A closer look
The occupant seems to be content with his lifestyle. He, and his cats have been out here for 3 years he also rents from the Native Americans. Has a job in town his only bill is the very small rent.
Built his cats an escape tunnel from the house to the cage to avoid the nasty's out here in the desert
Came across many tents in the area most of these people did not want to be spoken too. On a side note Candy got to visit her first petsmart, upon entry she looked very nervous, and confused. In a few moments I was about to found out why. Lets just say she left a large gift on the floor telling her true feelings for the establishment. Yes I did make a visit to the oops station. No picture necessary:) If you enjoy please be sure to sign up via email for the next update. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Pretty amazing way to live.

    1. Thanks for the nice comment Shelly, they are always appreciated.

  2. I've been a subscriber for a few months and really enjoy the fascinating fcts and pictures. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

    1. Thanks! Always great to hear others are enjoying the journey.

  3. Beautiful country! Was stationed in Yuma while in the Navy back in the 70's. I remember the desert air & openness & quiet..and also that it was teeming with life, if one to knew where & how to look for it. A fellow sailor had a portable black light that he'd use at night to shine at the base of cactus. Scorpions out hunting glowed in the dark!
    Thanks for the great pix & trip down memory lane.

    1. Your Welcome! I'm always amazed at the vast amounts of life in the desert far more then I see in the forest. No scorpion hunting for me don't wanna know how many are scurrying around my area:)Good Day!

  4. was really nice to meet you Ryan at the rtr. and what a great doggie candy is. hope the Cheddar crackers did not make her sick :( i was wondering are you still there? loved the pictures of old yuma and totally got the 310 thing lol.

    1. Nice to meet you to as well John.. Nope shes doing fine digging the cold weather. Still here for a few more days. Then off to Cali