Sunday, December 14, 2014

All is well!

Been in Tucson since just before the Thanksgiving. Introducing Ginger to her winter life, which involves cats, fences, and casino parking lots. Happy to report that no cats have been eaten yet, but shes still doesn't understand the furry little creatures that smack her repeatedly in the face. Casino parking lots are a different story goes a lil banana's after being cooped up for a short time, and doesn't have much area to run. So we are in search of some boondocking areas, after the holidays. Ginger got spayed on Tuesday, and is recovering well.

 Roosevelt Lake

Heres a few pics of my stay at Roosevelt lake on my migration to Tucson.

 My site rarely pay for camping, but for $6 dollars a day hot showers and running water is always a bonus. $3 a day for seniors and there is no stay limit between November 15th to March 15th. Was quiet my whole stay here.
Beach camping is also avail is $95 for the inter-agency pass, which last a year and is free for seniors. There is a 14 day limit on the beach.
Looking across lake on full zoom. Thats a truck camper, or class C parked up there. Plenty of boondocking in the area will be doing lots more exploring of the area on my journey north.

 Ginger making friends.
Gingy enjoying water bison horn a plush couch. Happy Holidays! Thanks for visiting. Good Day!


  1. Welcome back to this corner of the world for the winter. MAYBE we will meet up somewhere this trip. Ginger is looking good.

  2. That looks like a great camping spot up on the bluff!

  3. Dropped by for a catch up, weather looks nice

  4. I really enjoyed my stay at the casino in Tucson, with the exception of notbeing able to let Stumpy run a bit.

    Glad Ginger is recovering nicely.

    Hey! Do you ever see Trish? In the Toyota pop up?Tried to call her for quite awhile and then the phone number was no good. Last I heard she was somewhere in Tucson. Give her my best if you see her.

    Take good care!

  5. Hey Cyndi! Thanks she is fully recovered. Havent seen her in 2 years. Not sure shes on the road anymore?, But will do if our paths ever cross

  6. Are you at the RTR this year? Just wondering, I love reading your stories, very inspirational. I finally set out in my own modified Ford Transit Connect for a 3 month trial run, been on the road since Nov. I headed south to catch the meet up in Quartzsite. Been here few days now, very interesting people!