Saturday, July 12, 2014

Coyote Creek State Park

Still at Coyote Creek and managed to make it through the 4th. Actually made out like a bandit my camping neighbors left me a whole bunch of goodies steaks hamburgers, deep fried chicken, fresh fish, corn on the cob, and a brand new camping chair. I refused several times, but they insisted. Guess they felt bad for the homeless man in a van :).

Coyote Creeks located at 7700' so the weathers been perfect with a few afternoon showers. The dump station, and campsites across the creek are closed due to flooding. Verizon data signal is all messed up. Over the weekend of the 4th I had only a phone connection, but the rest of the time I had 3g from about 5-6pm until 10 to 11am the next day then nothing again for about 6 hours. Camped with 4 others who had Verizon two couldnt get a signal, and the others were experiencing the same thing I was, so go figure? To many folks on one tower 

Here's a few more pics...

Highway 434 from Angel Fire, NM hardly qualifies as a hwy at times narrows down quite a bit, and has no center line.
 View from my camp.
 Campsite I snagged after the 4th.
Alfa 2000 mw with directional antenna facing towards the Visitor Center. A experiment that worked out great was able to get very quick internet from there wifi, at my site. $39.99 at Amazon, and was delivered directly to my campsite via UPS. That's Service! 
 The only hiking trail at Coyote Creek .75 miles long not my usual distance but scenic atleast.

Views from the trail
One of two beaver ponds.
Coyote creek. Good Day!


  1. Oh how beautiful all the green pines and other trees. Even water can't ask for more. Then all the food and a new chair. Your living good this week. LOL

  2. The trees and bushes were still leafless when I was there in April. It looks much nicer now.