Saturday, June 7, 2014

Salmon Run Trail

 Salmon Run Trail is a 5 mile (10 mile round trip) located in Heron State Park. Starting at the Heron dam, and ending at the visitor center, or vice versa. No real elevation gain, so the hike is relatively moderate.

 Hilltop looking towards Taos.
 Guess this is where all the tumbleweed ends up. Whole area was packed full of it!

Destination. They also will receive UPS and Fed Ex packages for you here, unless you are unfortunate enough to get the lazy UPS driver, then youll have to drive to the Los Ojos post office.
Man made Ospreys nest up close.

 You can continue your hike for another 3 miles from the visitor center on the east meadow trail which leads to the a lookout to see the source of Heron Lake.

All the water used to fill Lake Heron is run through a series of underground tunnels the longest being the Azotea tunnel running a length of 12.8 miles under the continental divide.
My camp in the trees in the distance from the trail. Thanks for visiting! Good Day!


  1. Really nice area. The picture of the tail reminds me of one on the backside of Mt. Lemmon. Great pictures.

    The deer was checking you out pretty good.

    1. Its a great area ready to move on though. Some of there deer were really checking me out.

  2. That deer looks as interested in you as you probably were in it. I haven't seen deer for a long time, I should head to some different places this year and widen my experiences. I didn't spend enough time at Heron or Navajo to get to know them at all. I'm sitting above Sandia Casino right now - thanks for the tip. Lots going on this evening. Fire trucks, ladder trucks, police, ambulances, TV trucks, all sorts of emergency vehicles, and a helicopter circling overhead. Lots of flashing lights. No idea what was going on, but they were there for hours. Glad I was up here. :)

    1. Glad your enjoying it there. Seen probably 100 deer since Ive been here

  3. I've been on the road for weeks myself but without my own hotspot, so I have not had a chance to read all your posts in the last few weeks. Thought I'd mention that you are near one of my favorite drives in NM (I lived there about 7 years). Between Tierra Amarilla and Tres Padres (hwy 64?) is a great drive that gains a lot of elevation. Once you are "up there," you can find amazing views almost looking down on Brazzos Cliff (spelling?). There are a few old picnic shelter turnouts, but I'm not sure if camping is allowed. The eastern downhill part is not as scenic, but there is a campground around a very small lake there. I'm pretty sure it is still a "tall tree" area like the higher elevations. Just FYI.