Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wilson Yagi Antenna Review

 Purchased this Yagi antenna in February, so I could stay connected in very remote locations, so far Ive only had to use it two occasions. Here at El Vado Lake I got a fading in and out between 3G and 1X signal, which wasn't unreliable at all.

After hooking up the Yagi managed  to pull in a solid 3 bars of 4G! It was a little under $100 for all the fittings, antenna, and cable already owned the wilson 4g booster.
 In the lower position not sure how it would hold up in the winds in the higher position, both worked great.
Used a flag pole holder to hold the antenna. Will be looking for something a little more stable in the future. Wouldn't trust it in the high position in high wind.

The antenna  is mounted on a 1 inch wooden dowel. The yagi is a directional antenna so to find the tower I downloaded a app called Open Signal in the app store, which points right to the tower.

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  1. 3/4" sch 40 pipe is 1.050. aluminum conduit is much lighter. maybe a bumper attachment with a pipe flange and a brace at the roof line. can't see your van from here.

    peaceup raz

  2. Thanks for this info. I was out there in El Vado a couple years ago and didn't stay because I couldn't get a reliable connection (Verizon). Good to see the the system works. I just ordered your complete 'kit' (using your Amazon links). Thanks again.

    PS: I have a ladder hanging on the side of my van, so I intend to attach the 'mast' directly to that, saves drilling (more) holes in my rig. :)

    1. Your welcome, and thanks for using my links every little bit helps. Still here todays a week, and its still working well.

  3. Good information.
    I saw a green and white van like yours on Ebay this morning very tempting indeed outside of needing a paint job on the roof to ward off rust rot it was very clean.

  4. I'm still loving your travels and your camper - Jane , cornwall uk

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