Saturday, May 17, 2014

El Vado Lake State Park

 Someone told me that its a long a drive to anywhere you wanna go in New Mexico, and I am beginning to understand what they meant. El Vado lake is located about 120 miles north of Santa Fe, so I stocked up on a good 4 weeks worth of rations.

Heron State Park is the neighboring park. Located only 5 miles from here, but around a 25 mile drive, so I'll be bouncing between the two until supplies run out. Here's a map and some more pics...

 Web pic courtesy of NM State Parks. Little blurry, but download it if needed. The main campground is located around the park office, and pinion beach offers some very nice remote sites not far from the showers.

Primitive camping can be found at Sandy Cove, Hangroves point, and on the Peninsula. All of the primitive is currently closed due to low water levels.

Ideally if one was to do this on a budget they could spend the whole summer bouncing between the two. Better yet if the peninsula was open the 2 parks appear to butt up to one another right there, which would make bouncing between them a simple task. Ill investigate further when I reach Heron. 

One of the campsites on pinion beach.

75 today snowed earlier in the week. Camphost invited me over for homemade chili, bread, and cocktails, so turned out to be a good snow day.
 Tons of deer encounter them everyday.

My view in the main park. Walking distance to the hot showers. Only had 4 campers in the 2 weeks I've  been here. Thanks for visiting! Good day!


  1. Looks nice - you've really been traveling. How's the cell service and Internet connection up there? When I was there I had some difficulty, but now that I have a booster I might be okay. Those two northern parks aren't on my itinerary this year, but maybe in 2015.

    I called Sandia and they said they have a limit of 4 days - if there's room. They must have tightened things up, or that's the rule and they bend it if you're a good camper. Great stopover place while in Albuquerque.

    Enjoy your two parks up there, it's really is pretty! :)

  2. No service even with the booster until I put up the yagi, but my neighbor says hes getting 4g with just a booster, and the camphost is getting nothing with the booster, so go figure?

    In my personal experience those rules are put into effect just in case they need enforcement. I know of one in northern AZ that has a 3 day limit, but have stayed for over a month, but who knows?

  3. Looks like you found another great spot. That IS a good snow day!

    1. No complaints about homemade chili, and free drinks arent bad either.

  4. Nice places and the snow would be a welcome here for sure. Rain would be cause for a Fiesta.

  5. It sure looks like a beautiful and peaceful area. Love seeing all the pictures!