Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dirty Drawers

4 years 1 month, and 28 days of living in the Arizona dust, and the kitchen/family room/bathroom/bedroom drawers had developed a layer on them that even the toughest arsenal of cleaners could not remove. No need for pictures. Time for a remodel, so after about a 2 second decision of whether to build, or buy new ones I was off to wal-mart 10 minutes, and $11.88 later I had purchased my new cabinets even got black this time. After another 10 arduous  minutes the removal, install, and transfer of previous items was complete. 

New cabinets
Also added 2 more batteries for a total of 4, which should get me thru the cloudiest days of monsoon season.
And to top it off. No pun intended. I installed a flow-rite battery filler, which makes topping off all 4 of the batteries breeze especially in such confined areas.
Hiding out at the folks for the weekend as temps in Tucson are reaching the upper 80's, no complaints as I am well aware what the rest of the country is still experiencing. Waiting on a few more nomadic tools to be delivered before my summer adventure starts. Thanks for visiting. Good Day!

Update: Was just informed of the passing Of Leonard Knight R.I.P. For those who don't know his work he spent a majority life building Salvation Mountain.


  1. And once again our paths did not cross. LOL Looking at your set up I just don't know how I will be able to add a solar system as I haven't the room for one battery never mind more. I may buy a motor cycle battery just to run the small heater when necessary. Yes our temps are climbing but no use complaining when you think of everyone else east of us.

    1. Hey Jo, Pretty sure my Casino days are over but we shall see. Not sure even my 4 batteries would run a electric heater very long, they draw some serious power.

  2. I really enjoy all your posts, especially the gear and modifications to the Turtle. I also enjoy pics of Candy and the wildlife. Thanks for sharing. Keep living the dream! :)
    -Duane Myers

  3. I have one of those Pro Fill dealies, too. I can't check my batteries unless I lift them out of their compartment, so it's been a Godsend. And also so quick and easy. :)

  4. Hey, we are getting up into the 50-60's today, after 6-8 inches of snow last week! Envious of your 80 degree weather though.