Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bog Springs Campground Madera Canyon

Usually don't pay to stay, but still waiting on a few necessary item's in the mail, and the valley below is beginning to heat up. Decided it was time for a short excursion into the hills.

Bog springs campground is located 13 miles southeast of Green Valley,AZ in Madera Canyon. Cost is $10 a night. Each site has garbage, water, bear box, and picnic table. Vehicles over 22' are not recommended, but saw some larger rigs up there. Pets are welcome as long as there leashed, and there is a ton of hiking trails. Verizon switched from 3g to 4g. Sites are limited around 12 I believe, so weekends can fill up quickly. Here's a few more pics...

Paved roads to every site.
My view
Hiking trail
Overall was a good stay. I'll be back on that occasional winter day when temps heat up. Thanks for visiting. Good Day!


  1. Looks like a good spot. Love the last photo.

  2. I was thinking of heading that way and then signed up for a neighborhood here in my Village
    All the paper work was a mess and I have been typing for days now. By time I get done I will need a quick trip and Madera is the quickest to cool weather and great trees.