Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Los Burros Camping More Pics

Already left Los Burros Campground, but figured Id post a few more pics. Slow internet forced me to leave, even with a 3g amplifier it was spotty at best. Managed to make it 11 days before I threw in the towel, spotty internet means my connection to the outside world was almost non-existent. Very frightening! :)

The above picture is of Chippy who was named by my Sister in-Law. Although he looks cute he turned out to be quite the pain in the arse. He managed to steal god only knows how much dog food, even with the van locked up he managed to crawl in through cracked windows, and eventually just come in whether I was in there or not. Heres a few more pics.......

Chippy about to leap into the van.
About 30 horses came through, Los Burros trail is popular horseback trail.
Storm Clouds moving in. It did manage to rain one evening. Apache Sitegreaves forest is still in Stage 2 fire restrictions. If stage 3 is hit I believe they shut down all forest usage. No recreation whatsoever.
Back Packing Poochy.
Herd of Elk
Elk, and Candy

Chubby Chippy. Thanks for visiting! Good Day!


  1. Sure I've heard of elk?
    No, no, an elk herd!
    What do I care if an elk herd? I got no secrets from an elk?

  2. Great photos! I should get a backpack for my dog...