Monday, December 31, 2012


Living off the grid, and sometimes not seeing a town for over a month. I was constantly searching for a way to to get raw foods, or greens into my diet, that's when I discovered sprouting a perfect solution for anybody who stays out for long periods of time. Its very simple, you can store the un-sprouted sprouts for long periods of time, and they have great nutritional value. While spending time at the folks place over the holidays I was nosing around the pantry, when I found
a bag of mung beans, so I decided to give it a shot. What you need is a Mason Jar, Screen, and a rubber band.

 Soaked the beans for 12 hours. Some sites suggest more, but this worked.
 Top of jar suppose to be screen, and rubber band, but only had cheese cloth at the moment worked fine was kinda yucky after day 3 ill be finding some screen.
 After the 12 hour soak. Drain then the next morning add water swirl for a few minutes then drain again this process is done twice a day for 2-3 days. Leave upside down to avoid killing the sprouts.
 Sprouts after about 36 hours growing fast.
After day 3 had to be moved to a larger jar the sprouts overtook the previous one. So far I have used them on Chicken patties, and Hamburgers. Not to bad but looking forward to trying some other flavors out definitely a great alternative when raw foods aren't avail. If you have any questions feel free to ask:) Happy New Years to all!


  1. This is a great idea. I start sprouts, and then I forget them. Gross. Nice way to grow your own superfoods. I'll try again and leave myself sticky notes.

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    1. Yeah I bet they can get nasty in a hurry. Didnt know I had the option Thanks for the advice!

  3. and when you take word verification off, you'll get more comments.

  4. I made a sprouter for free, that is unbreakable to Use same brand cottage chez short and one tall. Drill or punch small holes in the bottom of the short one and a lid. Use 2 teaspoons or One tablespoon of seeds, or it will be too much. You don't have to prop the sprouter upside down, like with the glass ones. Just be sure to rinse twice a day. Takes about three days. I like alfalfa sprouts best. Put a little dressing and add some sunflower seeds...yummy.

  5. Just found your site (from Miss Minimalist) and am enjoying it. I grow sprouts all the time, my favourite is lentils, two days (in summer here in NZ) and they're ready. I bought a lid from a health shop with the screen already in which fits a big jar. I tried punched holes but found it took a long time to rinse and drain.

    Well done with your new life, it sounds great! Cheers, Janetta