Thursday, December 20, 2012

Casino Camping Desert Diamond Tucson

More Casino Camping. The Desert Diamond South is located about 12 miles south of Tucson just north of the town of Sahuarita. The Casino contains 3 Restaurants first is the Agave which I chose not to eat at because I heard its a bit expensive, there's also a buffet, and a grill. My personal favorite is the grill with some good breakfast, and lunch specials. You are allowed a 7 day stay, upon
arrival security will usually check you in, then give you a list of rules. So far I have been reprimanded twice once for drinking beer in the parking lot :( ( Now don't get the wrong impression it was my first beer and I just opened it) and the other for not having a leash on Candy, which I usually do unless.... there is a 100 acres parking lot, with no one in it, then she is allowed run , but apparently they didn't agree. Hope this helps any of you that may be traveling in the area:) Here is a few pics!

Parking lot sunset Mount Wrightson in the distance hiked to the top of it once a 8 hour hike, that took 3 attempts:)
The Casino from my favorite camp spot.
3.99 Breakfast special cant go wrong.
The fountain unfortunately it wasn't on:(
Snowstorm on Wrightson. Wish I could have got a shot when the clouds cleared.
Candy being bad not wearing her leash again. Stay tuned will be heading to Quartzsite for the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, then to Slab City. Looking forward to meeting some of you there!


  1. Thanks Nomad! My Husband and I will be leaving for southern Arizona in our rv after the holidays. This is a good find!

    1. No Problem Susan:) Glad this helped. There are also 2 other casinos in Tucson that welcome RVs. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    2. Ryan, I would like to hear about these casinos. Right now we're happy in BLM land, but you never know when you'll want a different pond to paddle in.

  2. Hey, love this kind of information! Thanks for alerting me to your blog - this is the kind of stuff we enjoy.

  3. No problem theres a few other Casinos in the area as well

  4. Oh hey, if you were asking about BLM land, there's a sliver of it surrounded by Ajo Road, S. San Joaquin Road, and Old Ajo Highway. We're the newcomers here, at one month and counting.

  5. that is the wolf or a dog?