Thursday, December 6, 2012

Adventures in a parking lot.

Two weeks, and counting....... You would think by now I would be getting bored with my parking lot adventure, however this is not the case at all. The weathers been great,  I've made quite a few new friends, been enjoying nightly happy hours in the parking lot (its byob of course), cheap Tacos, and Sonoran hot dogs, attended a
Tamale festival, and saving the best for last the family came to visit on several occasions. Here is a few pics.

Pic of the the Tamale festival, which had about 100 vendors. Had about 30 that sold Tamales, and each one had samples was a meal all by itself!
My Tamales of choice a dozen Spicy red chile with pork.

This guy was a story all by himself, but he did not stick around long enough for me to inquire. Interesting ride though a 3 wheeled bike with spinners. He claimed it was rideable art, and I would definitely have to agree
Interesting rig made from a Snap On Truck Completely self contained, and livable. Candy also made the spot in front of his truck the spot to do her business. The owner of the vehicle claimed it was giving him a complex I assured him it was just the spot she had chosen and nothing to do with him, the story didn't hold water though after he moved across the parking lot, and the same events took place:)
Another Interesting rig complete with a hoist for unloading and loading the motorcycle. The ramp to take the side by side down takes a full days work to put up, and take down, so takes a bit longer then my set up or take down which consist of folding in the TV.
A kodger spotting 
Cold morning beers. No not for drinking cmon now, it too early. With the shortest day of the year quickly approaching, and a refrigerator powered by the sun. Placing these in the window overnight allows them to cool down to the outside temperature which is about 35 to 40 degrees at night making it a lot easier on the fridge! Candy also hamming it up for the picture.
Backpack I found on a hike out onto the reservation. One of 100000's that litter the deserts illegal immigrants use them to carry food, and water until the run into city, then they are thrown away to avoid looking suspicious in town. Good Day!


  1. where is this parking lot? and LOL on the A kodger spotting! i found their blog the other day.