Monday, November 26, 2012

Casino Camping Take 2

One of my favorite things to do during the winter months while spending time with family during the holidays is some Casino Camping. Most people would not consider it actual camping, but as I had written in a previous post its a warm welcome after
months in the forest. This particular Casino has five restaurants, seven bars, 24 hr security, and a great staff that comes by daily to check for trash. The staff here embraces the RV season, not only do they get more hours, but it also generates revenue for the casino as well. Upon pulling into the parking lot I recognized 7 vehicles of friends I had met on previous journeys.

 From the backside of the Casino

 Walkway heading into the casino

 Future 18 hole golf course
 Golf course from 4 stories up

The pool area only to be used by casino guest :). Best of all its free to stay here, not bad way to spend a few weeks. Ill get a few more pics of the area, some of the rigs, and interesting locals. Thanks to everyone who recently subscribed its appreciated!


  1. when i go into a casino, all the machines on the floor stop playing the music and start laughing!! whats up with that!!

  2. SO you just pull up in your RV and camp out in the carpark.... And the Casino encourages this? Probably live pretty sweet there for a while! As long as you don't have a gambling problem!

    1. Lol Yep its free as long as you don't have a gambling problem I pay my rent every few weeks :)

  3. I suppose parking on their lot isn't considered "guesty" enough to swim in that pool. Not that I could manage it lately - I've lost all that NY blood and replaced it with Arizona water.