Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cinder City

Still hanging out on the Mesa.Temps been hanging out in the upper 70's, so I'll probably be staying put for awhile yet. Done pulling all those pesky weeds. Took a bunch of pictures, but wasn't doing the property any justice. Decide to do  a video of a walk around instead. Here's what a few thousand smackers will get you in northern AZ.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


 Was getting kinda chilly up at 9500ft, so decided to head back to the Mesa. Only to find my lofty mountain property had been completely overtaken by weeds! No Hoa's or pesky neighbors to tell me to get rid of them, but they are here, and driving me a little bit crazy. Plus it gives me something to do.

So for the past three weeks Gingers been chasing rabbits, and I been pulling, spraying, and burning away. After 26 gallons of spray, and 9 tanks of propane think its safe to say in the next week I should have won the war on weeds. Here's a few more pic's....