Saturday, April 4, 2015

Up Top

Some pics from a top the Mogollon Rim where a spent the last week. Unseasonably warm was in the mid 70's @ almost 8000ft

Would have got some better pics and footage of the Elk, but Houdini a.k.a. Ginger manage to escape out a small opening in the van window, and was running amuck. Heres my March expenses for those inquiring minds.

Phone, and Hotspot $133

Groceries $99.89

Ginger $38.56

Gas $23

Laundry $14

New washing machine $20.17

Netflix $8.49

Propane $3.37

Total 340.48

Off to the Mesa to hibernate for a month or two. Thanks for visiting! Happy Easter!


  1. Looked around for something about a washing machine. didn't find any info. Enquiring minds want to know.

    Hi to you in Ginger!

    1. Congrats someone finally caught that. I'll do a review in one of my upcoming post.

      Hi to you and Stumpy

  2. Switched back to blogger comments instead of G+ comments, and looks like all comments mad,since Jan 31 have been deleted.