Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gingers 1st Bday

March 22nd 2014 the Day Ginger was born, and the day that Candy passed, so its one of them happy sad kinda days.  Ginger got a can of roast beef, and a pretty nasty ear infection for her birthday. Guess will need to keep a closer eye on her when shes done playing in the lake.

 The pic above is off her new routine of jumping between the 2 front seats from 430am until 7 am freaking out over every lil movement she sees a bit of a tweeker. Its a routine that I hope passes soon.

Still lollygagging around the Roosevelt AZ  5 weeks now since I seen a grocery store. Supplies are starting to dwindle, but it has allowed me to locate some stellar boondocking spots, that would allow a person to disappear for  quite sometime.

Temps have moved into mid 80's, so come tomorrow morning Ill be making the mere 60 mile journey, which will put me just shy of 5000 feet. Should be just about perfect for this time of year. Thanks for visiting! Good Day! Thanks to those of you who used my amazon link!

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