Saturday, January 31, 2015

Amazon Affilliate link

Using the Amazon link. Over the past few years I've gotten lots of emails, phone calls, text message, from friends, family, and fellow bloggers. Saying... Hey I used your link to order such, and such.

Unfortunately I don't receive any credit, because you went to Amazon first researched the item, then came back, and ordered through my affiliate link.

The almighty Amazon is wise to this, and in order for me to receive credit you must enter through my affiliate link first before researching a new item, or be a pal and just enter here every time you search Amazon.

The arrow above will guide you to my affiliate account.If you use ad blocker the link is:  Save it to your favorites.

 Also there is no way of knowing who ordered what, so your privacy is is secure with me at least big brother is still watching. Thanks to those of you have ordered it is appreciated!

In other news my final days of pavement dwelling are coming to an end early next week Ill be heading back out to the dirt on my migration north. Gingy will get to romp, and run once again.

Its been a wet few days down here, been hiking this arroyo for 5 years never seen it flowing before! Experimenting with G+ comment intergration. Anyone use this? What are the pros and cons?
Thanks for visiting. Good Day!

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