Saturday, June 21, 2014

Time to move on!

Still bouncing around between El Vado, and Heron State Parks. On my 7th week now. Weather been fantastic hardly a day above 80. One could spend a whole summer between the two, but I am ready for some new experiences, so waiting on some mail to arrive early next week, then its off to higher elevations. 

The picture above is courtesy of Taos ski valley. Snows almost gone, so plans are to spend a few weeks hiking some of the states highest peaks. Heres a few more Osprey pics I took on my local hikes....

 Ospreys are about 2 ft in length, and can have a wingspan of 6ft. They dive at speeds of 80 mph. Watched the Osprey above took out a large crow for getting to close to its nest.
 and when you take pictures they get pissed!
 Really pissed!
 The hiking path leads right passed there nest, so I try not to bother them, but they've even swooped at me a few times I am pretty sure raptor talons cant feel good.
Good Day!


  1. What great shots Ryan. I can see in her eyes you better get lost buddy or pay my price LOL

    Just beautiful country up there.

  2. Love the play by play Osprey pics!

  3. Cool birds! Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hope you can come to Panama City, Fl. Lots of places I could tell you about here. 24/7 gyms etc..

  5. That osprey DOES look a little upset at you! But great pictures. We do not have them here in NC, that I am aware of. Stay safe from those talens...

  6. So pretty up there, and what a bonus to get those osprey shots. I saw those nests when I was there, but never got close enough to get good clear shots of the birds. Just amazing. That must have been pretty cool to see her protecting her babies from the crow.

    I'm planning to be up there, too, in a couple of weeks, and as much as I'm enjoying Storrie Lake, I'm looking forward to a change in scenery. I haven't been to El Vado, and it's been two years since Heron Lake. I think now that the Verizon tower is in, there will be more RVers in that area this year. :)