Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rio Grande

Left the Rio Grande almost 5 days ago now in which I've moved 3 times since then, so fallen behind a bit on pictures. Life as a nomad certainly has its struggles :) I took the following pictures using bracket photography. While at the River.

Its all new to me, but in general what your doing is taking 3 pictures of the same shot at different exposure levels. My camera has a feature that does this on it own with the push of a button, and it a pretty cheap camera. Even new cell phones have apps for this.

As I understand your eyes are constantly adjusting to the light. Camera's get one exposure to the shot, by taking 3 pics and combining them. Your getting a better picture of what the eye actually see's, or at least that's how it was explained on one website. Heaven only knows how many times I've said it looked a lot better in real life.

 This and the next one are a bit more surreal, but cool what you can turn your pictures into.

To combine the 3 pics I used Photomatix essentials which can be found here, or if your creative you can probably find it for free :) Thanks for visiting. Good Day!


  1. Those were some truly awesome pictures!!

  2. Agreed :) The colors are so vivid. I'll have to give that a try.

  3. really great pictures. Will look into this thanks.

  4. Great pictures and especially the last one. The colors are vivid and its a seriously good picture. Good framing and great content. Thanks for the great posts.

  5. WOW - if it looks better in real life, then it must really look awesome in person. Beautiful pictures. Way cool. Will have to try something like that with that with the mountains here in WNC.

  6. Great Pictures..HoboJoe