Saturday, April 19, 2014

Elephant Butte State Park (Photo Intensive)

Bikini's, beer, burgers, boats,and beaches. Elephant Butte has them all! I enjoyed it so much I even considered buying that tiki hut houseboat pictured above, but then the beers wore off, and I figured the Turtle would remain my home.

 Maybe one day though if I ever decide to quit the nomadic life I could be beach bum. I did make several phone calls to local marinas, and talked to a few rangers about the legalities of living on a houseboat on the lake. All they could say was you cant do that! Never really got a clear answer on what the exact rules were from any of them. However you can rent a slip, or a mooring. You wouldn't have to worry about being  hassled. Its all about the Benjamin's. Cheapest I found was $175 a month for a mooring not to bad for life on a lake, or those searching for a alternative lifestyle.

Elephant Butte is the largest lake, and state park in New Mexico. The lake is 36000 acres, 40 miles long, and July 4th can gather a whopping 100000 people. Here a a lot more pics :) Had a few internet issue last week so this is 2 posts in one. 

My home for 2 weeks quiet during the week definitely pic up on the weekends. Most dogs in the area run off there leashes on the beach.
Rattle Snake Island. Guess there's a road to it, but a local told me its up 45ft this year.

Free campsite if you have the state pass $10 without. Each has a shelter, firepit, and picnic table.
Squall moving across the lake
Deep sand in a lot of area's. Roads are actually plowed to keep primitive camping accessible. Get out and walk around to find a good campsite. Seen lots of trucks get stuck
Cheap transportation
The freedom I wasn't expecting from living in state parks people are allowed to camp anywhere,
or launch your boat from the beach.
The dirt dam beginning of the hike Elephant Butte dam. 3 miles round trip. 
Scenery to the dam
Dam Hike! Yep that pretty much all yah get to see, because of security measures after 9-11. The dam is 301ft tall and 1674 ft long.

Turtle from the shore.
Where the other hiking trail leads. Much better then that dam hike!
$3 Blue moons on tap
Green chile burger. New mexico is known for its green chile harvest. Had fresh roasted green chiles for the first time 2 years ago. Look forward to the season every year.
Ill definitely be going back. There's plenty to do, and see. Groceries are just a few miles, and the views are fantastic. Thanks for visiting! Good Day!


  1. You sure found yourself a nice campsite!

  2. Awesome looking place and here I still sit in Tucson. Bad planning on my park. But yes still heading to Madera next Sunday. Then who knows

  3. Wow, that really looks like a nice place to stay and relax a while.

  4. The next to last picture isn't bad either.

  5. Yes, Elephant Butte was good - up over the lake, too. I'll definitely be going back. Great photos! :)

  6. You really need to go to the north end of the lake at South Monticello CG. Way fewer people and there are several boondocks locations on the way there.

  7. After having an "adventure" being towed from sand in the California desert, I avoided driving down to the beach at Elephant Butte. I found a nice hilltop boondock spot instead. Maybe next time.